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Work on your business

Thinking about your business right now, consider these questions:

  • Has your business been restructured for the current staff challenges?
  • Have you started to think about how Web3 will impact your business for the better?
  • Does your staff have an easy-to-follow process that allows for scalability?
  • Can your limited staff cover all the operational needs as well?
  • Does your sales team have a go-to event template to ease the stress on an already maxed-out kitchen and operations crew?
  • Are your trucks loaded the same way each time to prevent costly additional trips to event sites?
  • Does your production process allow for event detail review with enough time to purchase economically?

About Us

If you are like most growing (or maturing) companies, you’ve experienced both the joy of seeing your business take hold, and the pain of so many cost-related issues, both seen and unseen. Managing these increasing cost centers is generally not the specialty of a culinary owner. You’d rather be spending your time making great food experiences for your client. The reality is, without a good repeatable process to manage each and every event, employees will not have the same eye for managing profit as an owner. With new lines of business, contract clients, expanding kitchens, new levels of management and possibly multiple locations; how do you create a system of checks and balances to manage shrinking profits?

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Taylored Hospitality Solutions has you covered. We bring a wide range of expertise into the critical areas, so you can continue to build your business. Our expertise in:

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Tune Up with Frank & Jen

Tune Up with Frank and Jen

Start 2023 off right! Give your business a Tune Up and wellness check from two nationally-recognized hospitality consultants, Frank & Jen. By joining forces, we have created a holistic, strategic advisory program to approach the challenges you are already tackling. We will re-teach you how to evaluate your business and make strategic suggestions for profitability and growth in 2023 and beyond. There are two options available with deliverables listed below. Prior to either option, we do require you to complete a survey for our assessment of your existing business practices today.

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Our Team

Meet Frank Christian

I bring to the table more than 20 years of success leading fast-paced businesses in VP to C-suite roles, in a market where client demands and economic climate changes make meticulous planning and absolute efficiency a must. Most of my career has been in the business side of the special event and catering space. Most recently, I took on a 3 year turnaround project.

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